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The Hearing Center

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The Hearing Center is staffed by licensed, certified audiologists, and supported by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists capable of addressing nearly all forms of hearing deficiencies.  The Hearing Center offers the complete evaluation and customized fitting of the most contemporary hearing aid devices available, in a relaxed, “boutique style” atmosphere with personalized attention.

The Hearing Center offers a modern approach to the assessment of hearing deficiency, customized design and fitting of hearing aids. The experience at The Hearing Center is unlike any other available in the area, as the center is backed by specialized physician care, so nearly all hearing problems can be effectively managed. At The Hearing Center, clients can expect unequaled attention, in a relaxed atmosphere.  The hearing aids offered are the latest technology and suited to the individual client’s needs as determined by state of the art testing. 

The population is aging and there has been a stigma attached to the use of hearing aids which The Hearing Center hopes to dispel with this contemporary, unique approach.

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