The Hearing Center



Services Available at The Hearing Center

At The Hearing Center, our patients come first. Paying attention to the health of your hearing is important, and we want to ensure that your needs are met. The Hearing Center is staffed by licensed, certified audiologists, and supported by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists capable of addressing nearly all forms of hearing deficiencies.  The Hearing Center offers the complete evaluation and customized fitting of the most contemporary hearing aid devices available, in a relaxed, “boutique style” atmosphere with personalized attention.

Audiologic Evaluations


A diagnostic procedure performed to determine the severity, type, and configuration of hearing loss. This information is essential to developing an individualized treatment plan for hearing loss. 


An examination used to determine the function and mobility of the middle ear. This information helps to rule out fluid in the middle ear cavity and determines integrity of the middle ear bones. 

Otoacoustic Emissions

This is a measurement of sound waves produced by the inner ear. This objective non invasive test allows us to determine if a hearing deficit exsists in newborns or others who are unable to cooperate in conventional testing. 

Balance Evaluations and Treatment

If you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo, we recommend you make an appointment with one of our Ear, Nose and Throat physicians to determine if your dizziness is caused by an inner ear condition. You may undergo a series of different tests to locate the problem in order for the ENT physician to develop a treatment plan.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Demonstration

Based on the audiologic evaluation results, we will determine what style of hearing aid is best for you as well as the technology that is suitable for your lifestyle.  After the selection is made, we encourage you to “test drive” the hearing aids for one week—at no charge!

Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing

After the hearing instruments have been selected, we will program the devices to your specific hearing loss prescription.  Further adjustments will be made at follow up appointments to better suit your listening environments.

In Office Cleanings and Repairs

We recommend routine cleaning appointments every 6 months for optimal hearing aid performance.  Hearing aid repairs are often times completed in the office or in some cases sent to the manufacturer.  Your audiologist will determine the appropriate repair option.

Ear Impressions

We can fabricate a mold to the shape of your ear to make custom hearing protection devices, hearing aids, earmolds, swim plugs, and much more. 

Warranty Extensions

Depending on the make and model of your hearing aid, warranties can be extended on your current hearing instruments through our office.


We provide as much information to our patients and clients as possible. Understanding how to care for the health of your ears is important, and we can help educate on the effects of noise, identifying and managing tinnitus, and provide limited treatment for vestibular disorders