The Hearing Center

What to Expect


New Audiology Patient Information

When you first arrive at the Hearing Center you will be asked to sign in at the front desk. Our audiologist will meet with you to discuss your health history and specific hearing/balance/tinnitus difficulties. We will look into your ears with an otoscope and conduct several diagnostic tests to determine your hearing and balance status.

Once a diagnosis is made, the audiologist will then explain all of your treatment options and answer any question you may have. During that time, the styles of hearing aids will be explained as well as the features of digital technology. We will evaluate your listening lifestyle and discuss the digital features that will fit your hearing needs. You will have the opportunity to "test drive" hearing aids for one week - at no obligation! 

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New Patient Form

New Patient Form

First time audiology patients may print and complete the patient intake form prior to their arrival in order to expedite their office visit. You may either fax in the completed form to (330) 492-0840, or bring it with you for the scheduled appointment.