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Offering the Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

ReSound Smart Hearing is leading the way using advanced technology to create the only solution that helps your patients adapt to their multi-dimensional world.

ReSound Smart Hearing Aids…

  1. Deliver 30% better speech intelligibility than other premium hearing aids* using Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense.
  2. Give patients vivid spatial awareness with exceptional sound quality, and as background noise levels rise, patients can zoom in on the sounds they are interested in without losing the sense of what is going on around them.
  3. Create an entire ecosystem of hearing aids, apps and wireless accessories so your patients can feel comfortable in any listening environment.
  4. Have every component protected from moisture, dust, sweat and cerumen thanks to iSolate nanotech coating techonology.
  5. Give your patients the confidence to stream any audio – including phone calls – directly from their iPhone to their hearing aids – without any intermediary device.
  6. Include ReSound’s 4th generation 2.4 GHz technology which allows for a strong stereo signal with practically no noticeable delay. Did you know that ReSound was the first to build 2.4 GHz technology for wireless communication into hearing aids?
  7. Use Noise Tracker II which is a unique spectral subtraction technology that reduced unwanted noise without degrading the speech signal.
  8. Have a full family of BTE, RIE and custom designs that are comfortable, durable and discreet – a perfect fit for any of your patients.
  9. Are compatible with the ReSound Smart app which allows your patients to personalize their hearing experience – all without having to touch and draw attention to their hearing aids.
  10. Include the option to activate the Tinnitus Sound Generator for any patient to help provide relief from tinnitus by diverting attention away from their tinnitus with a wide range of soothing background sounds.

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Introducing ReSound LiNX 3D Rechargeable hearing aids

- Do you struggle to replace those tiny hearing aid batteries?
- Have you ever run out of batteries and discovered you don’t have any replacements?
- Do you find it difficult to get to a retailer to purchase new batteries when you need them?

In a series that began with the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aid, ReSound has introduced LiNX 3D Rechargeable Hearing Aids. With ReSound LiNX 3D Rechargeable Hearing Aids, you can now leave the hassle behind with up to 16 hours of uninterrupted sound quality. 

Are you interested in coming in to the office to check these out for yourself? Please call 330-493-HEAR to schedule a special demonstration.

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